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Message from the High School Principal

The opening of the 2017-18 school year at Greenville High School was exciting and successful! As students entered the building they were greeted by upbeat music, positive affirmations and a heart-warming welcome from their fellow students, teachers, support staff and advisors. There was even face-painting courtesy of our art department. This was, by far, the best school opening I have ever seen!

It is this tone of passion, dedication and excitement that will continue to drive the district's newly adopted mission, "GCSD Where Everyone learns, everyone teaches, everyone belongs - Spartan STRONG!

Greenville High School is dedicated to the success of every student, and aims to provide challenging academic coursework and technical training opportunities in a range of areas and subjects. With an open access policy to our International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses as well as a strong network of academic supports and special programming, our high school is able to reach students of all levels.

In addition to the continued use of student/assessment data to inform instructional decisions, our high school faculty and staff will be focusing on character education around our new Spartan STRONG mission: S - Show Self Control, T - Take Action, R - Respond Respectfully, O - Offer Acceptance and Empathy, N - Never Give Up and G - Grow Together.

Please feel free to call or visit our school should you or your child be in need of guidance, information or resources.

Daniel Hash
Interim Principal
Greenville High School



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