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Welcome to the Mentor Committee Homepage

Mentor Committee Mission Statement

The Mentor Committee works to provide a safe and supportive environment for teachers new to the profession, to ease the transition from teacher training to the realities of the classroom, and to impact student success. With that in mind, the Mentor Committee developed a Mentor Program that is committed to building a collaborative professional learning community that will support and work to improve student achievement and promote the growth of school wide instructional excellence.

Mentor Committee graphic

The Mentor Program strives to:

    • Create mutually beneficial partnerships between new teachers and mentors.
    • Share and implement best instructional practices.
    • Familiarize new teachers with school curriculum, programs and routines.
    • Acclimate new teachers to the culture of the school.
    • Reinforce and sustain a passion for the teaching profession.


Timothy Albright Teacher
Sheila Brady Teacher, Chairperson
Linda Esposito Teacher
Leslie Kudlack Teacher
Erin Magee-Bolduc Teacher
Michelle Neary Teacher
Melissa Palmer Teacher & IB Coordinator
Karen Rosenberg Teacher
Tammy Sutherland Superintendent of Schools