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The Greenville Board of Education and administrative staff value community input to improve the educational program and communications with district residents.  If you have questions, comments or ideas about educational programs, individual schools, etc., please let us know!

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All other inquiries, please call:

  • Main Switchboard (518) 966-5070
    • x501 - District Office (Superintendent's Office)
    • x511 - District Office (Business Office)
    • x525 - District Office (Human Resources)
    • x520 - District office (School Tax Collector)
    • x301 – Elementary School Office
    • x451 – Middle School Office
    • x401 – High School Office
    • x461 – Transportation Office
    • x357 – Whole Student Learning Center
  • Elementary School Nurse Fax – (518) 966-5321
  • Middle/High School Nurse Fax – (518) 966-5338
  • District Office Fax – (518) 966-8346

To improve phone accessibility to our schools, all calls to the district switchboard go through an automated system. Callers are greeted by the following message: “Thank you for calling the Greenville Central School District. Please be advised for security reasons your call may be recorded. If you know the extension you wish to reach, you may dial it at any time. Otherwise please press:

1 for the Elementary school
2 for the Middle school
3 for the High School
4 for the District Office/Business Office
5 for Interscholastic Athletics
6 for Special Education
7 for Transportation
8 for Food Service
9 for Buildings and Grounds, or the pound key to repeat these options”

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